About Mashov

Mashov hearing and speech clinics originally founded in 1982 by Bilha Keydar (M.A.) and Margalit Shehory (M.A.), both licensed speech and hearing clinicians by the Ministry of Health.

Our clinicians are highly professional and trained in fitting hearding aids.

Mashov clinics provide the following services:

Hearing tests

Speech therapy

Hearing aid fitting

Follow up and consultation

Custom-made ear moulds

Ear plugs for swimmers and ear protectors

We will be happy to assist you:

  • Mashov Kfar Saba – 83 Witzman st. Tel. 09-7403301 Fax. 09-7403302
  • Mashov Ra’anana – 198 Ahuza st. Tel. 09-7711006 Fax. 09-7711156
  • email: info [@] mashov-hearing.com